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This page contains just a few examples of my piping, with some suggestions for different events or occasions.  Normally the tunes played at an event are determined beforehand, although sometimes the client leaves it up to me.  I'm willing to do whatever works best for you. Please remember you don't need to choose tunes from this page, as I have over 150 tunes in my repertoire.

Scotland the Brave -- one of the best-known pipe tunes, this one is often used as a recessional at weddings, but it lends itself well to nearly any situation.

Mo Caileag Purpaidh -- this is a slow waltz that I wrote for my wife. It works anywhere a slow tune is appropriate.

Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee -- a hymn I took from the Episcopal Hymnal, based on Beethoven's Ode to Joy.  I sometimes play this one at weddings, either as a processional or as a recessional.

March of the Kings of Laois -- a traditional slow march which is becoming increasingly popular as a processional in Celtic weddings.

The Highland Cathedral -- a slow air which works very nicely as a processional tune.

The Clumsy Lover -- a hornpipe written by Neil Dickie, this is a favorite tune for parties and receptions. This arrangement includes myself on pipes and guitar, my son Andy on bass, and my Roland Boss BR-600 recorder on drums. Of course, the tune works just fine on the pipes only.

The Highland Wedding -- possibly my all-time favorite pipe tune.  This is a big 2/4 march that's very good in any festive setting.

Irish Marches -- here's a set of traditional Irish tunes.

Skye Boat Song -- this is an old tune which works well at memorials, but I've also used it as a wedding processional, or just as a slow air when one was called for.

The Flowers of the Forest -- this is the traditional Scottish military funeral march, and it's only used at memorial services and funerals.  It's considered by some to be the single most beautiful piece of pipe music.

Amazing Grace -- easily the most requested pipe tune. Though often associated with funerals, I've been asked to play this tune at just about every type of event.

Quick March Medley -- here's a set of traditional marches with different time signatures played as a medley.

Frank Thompson is a 4-part 6/8 march. The 6/8 march is characterized by its swinging beat.

The 10th Battalion Highland Light Infantry Crossing the Rhine is another lively 6/8 march.

Sad I Am to be in Ireland is a slow air.

The Lament for Donald of Laggan is a Piobaireachd. Pronounced "PEE-broch," this type of music is the ancient classical music of the Scottish Highlands. All piobaireachd tunes are composed of a theme (called the ground, or Urlar) and a series of increasingly complicated variations.

Salute for the Marquis of Argyll another Piobaireachd.

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